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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Okay, lots of carnivals this time around. First off, It's the Carnival of the Green, with the best environmentally-minded blogging of the past two weeks. This time our host is the Disillusioned Kid.
If that's not leftie enough for you, try the Carnival of Liberals #20, where Ridger, of The Greenbelt has selected his favorite ten blog postings representing a liberal viewpoint. Take a walk with him.
Meanwhile, over at Migrateblog, Mariya is hosting the 31st edition of I and the Bird, the birding carnival. If you're not going to read the posts, at least read the haikus she wrote for each one.
And over at Epigenetics News, it's edition #61 of Tangled Bank, with the best science blogging of the past two weeks.
Circus of the Spineless, the carnival devoted to all things invertebrate, is hosted this month by Steve Reuland at Sunbeams from Cucumbers.
And last, but not least, it's a new carnival to me, the Festival of Trees, an arboreal celebration that's due to go up on Friday at Burning Silo.


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