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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The 56th edition of Tangled Bank, the blog carnival of the life sciences, is up at Information Overload. There you can browse through aisles of the best science blogging of the past two weeks.
Happy Anniversary to I and the Bird! The birding blog carnival marks its first anniversary by returning to the site where it hatched, 10,000 Birds, and this time there's a theme: Why do you bird, why do you blog, and/or why do you blog about birding? Unfortunately, my post didn't make the cut, but thirty others did. Have a look, and congratulate Mike Bergin on a job well done.
UPDATE--Mike emailed to assure me that my post's ommission from IATB was inadvertent. He will post the link as soon as he gets home from work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carel, were I to set a standard so impossibly high that you didn't make the cut, our carnival would be sparsely populated indeed. I'd never intentionally exclude you or your dazzling work. Unintentionally is another story.

I completely missed your submission. Please accept my abject public apology. I will add your link ASAP!

7:01 AM  

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