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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Mardis Gras is all over but for the sweeping up. In the blogosphere, though, the festivities continue.

Edition #6 of CIRCUS OF THE SPINELESS is up at SCIENCE & POLITICS. There are lots of interesting posts there about invertebrates, all taxonomically arranged in Coturnix's inimitable perdicine style.

TANGLED BANK #48 is up at AETIOLOGY. Strap on Tara's hypothetical headphones and listen in on forty posts exploring the natural sciences.

Over at BIRDCHASER, Rob is incubating edition #18 of I AND THE BIRD. Pips are expected by tomorrow morning.

Last and most certainly least is a brand new carnival that this blog, unfortunately, did not participate in. If they get it together for a second edition, I fully intend to write something special for them. Some guy named Radar is hosting DARWIN IS DEAD, a creationist carnival. In all fairness, it is these poor guys' first attempt at this thing, but it's not exactly convincing stuff. With only five posts, it takes just a few minutes to read through...see if you can spot the rational argument. I'm still looking. It's an enlightening, if somewhat creepy look into the thought processes of a movement that feels equipped to decide how to educate the country's kids.

To end on a thoroughly embarassing note of self-promotion, the biggest celebration of all is currently going on at my house. The shipment of my brand new coffee-table book has just arrived at the publisher. Those of you with coffee-tables can learn more about it than you'd ever want to HERE. Those of you who pre-ordered copies can expect to receive them shortly.


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